University of Southern California

Graduate Student Researcher • Aug, 2018 — Present

Working on a Data-Driven Journalism based project under Prof. Yao-Yi Chiang to uncover interesting patterns from Los Angeles crime data.

University of Southern California (Graduate School)

Student Assistant Programmer • Jan, 2018 — Nov, 2018

Led the development of an administrative dashboard to manage, model and analyze graduate students’ data.

WebShar India Pvt. Ltd.

Senior Software Engineer • June, 2013 — Nov, 2017

  • Achieved a performance gain of 50% by rewriting the existing Rule Engine module to generate highly relevant clinical coding suggestions for clinical phrases in the medical notes.
  • Improved the precision and recall metrics of the NLP engine to the range of 90-95% by developing a Java-based pre-processing engine to identify sentences, sections, list items etc. from medical notes.
  • Collaborated in the development of a platform to monitor and process a large number of medical notes with the help of CDH (Cloudera Distribution Including Apache Hadoop).
  • Developed a search service using Apache Lucene to get clinical coding suggestions for the given clinical phrase.
  • Built a Topic Modeling system to derive categories from medical notes using the implementation of Latent Dirichlet Allocation algorithm from scikit-learn
  • Implemented and evaluated classification models using scikit-learn to identify risk level associated with patients based on their medical history.
  • Engineered a medical notes encryption pipeline in Java using AWS Encryption SDK.
  • Spearheaded the development of an administrative dashboard using Spring MVC & AngularJS to manage access levels of all the applications in the platform.


University of Southern California

Master of Science in Computer Science (Data Science) • Expected - Dec 2019


  • Analysis of Algorithms
  • Foundations of Artificial Intelligence
  • Foundations and Applications of Data Mining
  • Applied Natural Language Processing

University of Mumbai

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering • Aug 2009 — May 2013

Relevant Coursework:

  • Discrete Structures & Graph Theory
  • Data Structures & Files
  • Database Management System
  • Analysis of Algorithms & Design
  • Advance Database Management System
  • Theory of Computer Science
  • Web Engineering
  • Data Warehouse & Mining
  • Robotics & AI
  • Distributed Computing
  • Software Architecture




Java, Python, Scala, C#, SQL, PHP, JavaScript, HTML & CSS


Spring Boot, CodeIgniter, ASP.NET, jQuery, React, Kendo UI, AngularJs, MongoDB, SQL Server, Docker, AWS, Apache Spark, Apache Lucene, IPython, Pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib, Scikit-learn

Workshops & Talks